Sangeeta Sharma - DIRECTOR

Sangeeta Sharma is the current director of Gauri International Co., Ltd since 1998. 

Sangeeta Sharma, born in Jaipur, India joined Gauri International Co., Ltd in 1998. Her key role ever since 1998 was to diversify the company into different categorical fields that this industry is renowned over. Namely, she played an integral role in diversifying Gauri International from colored gemstones to diamonds and jewellery. 

Ever since 1998, she has supported Koshal Sharma in various fields to ensure Gauri International Company Limited is at a standing of where it is currently at. As a result, she has taken up a role of designing many of Gauri's new product range, as-well as coordinating with our offices worldwide to ensure sales are at our target. 

Sangeeta Sharma, through her experience in this field for over 20 years, as a director continues to work towards expansion and diversification, that would in return, ensure a successful outcome for Gauri International.