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Video: 6.64ct Colombian Emerald

Being positioned in both the affordable and fine jewelery market, we believe it is our responsibility to  offer high-quality, modern solutions to our global clients. For years, this has been effectively delivered through our bespoke collection of rings, pendant, earrings, bangles, and necklaces, among many others. 

To foster customer loyalty is Gauri's number one priority. With an effective approach in turning our rare, bespoke stones and diamonds into one-of-a-kind designer jewelery, our innovative method has contributed to Gauri's ever-growing client portfolio in over 20 countries. 

One of the ways we ensure that Gauri delivers its bespoke products to our global clients is by taking manufacturing into our own hands. With an exceptionally talented and experienced team who truly understand the value of our mission, we accurately comprehend the importance of our orders, and build trust by carrying out extensive quality control, quality assurance and daily inspections. 

manufacturing excellence

supply chain prowess


We believe, through our positioning in the market, our products and services should be available to every possible client. Hence, Gauri's wholesale operations allows us to ensure our quality is consistent in all of our bases in various countries, alongside working with independent facilities. 

Our management from designing, production, quality control, to final delivery involves a competent team of experts and professionals which eradicates all possible hinderances in our supply chain process.   

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